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When Firestar first came to ThunderClan as a young kittypet named Rusty, Sandpaw showed resentment to him. She believed that kittypets are too soft to live out in the forest. Sandpaw avoided Rusty, now named Firepaw, and Firepaw avoided Sandpaw. Later, when Firepaw earns his warrior name, Fireheart, Sandpaw is even more angry with him. When Fireheart and Graystripe go on a mission to save WindClan, they come back with a battle. Sandpaw is on the patrol that sees the battle, and runs to help Fireheart, Graystripe, and the whole of WindClan. Sandpaw is busy fighting, and doesn't notice how close she is getting to the edge of a cliff. Luckily, Fireheart notices this and throws the warrior off of Sandpaw. Sandpaw's first reaction to it was anger. Sandpaw yelled at Fireheart that she could fight her own battles, and that she didn't need him to help her. Fireheart walks away. After Fireheart leaves, Sandpaw realizes how close she was to death, and starts to show feelings for Fireheart. Whenever Dustpaw would tease him, she would stand up for Fireheart. Fireheart was very surprised by this. Later, when rogues attack the ThunderClan camp, Sandpaw and Fireheart both fight bravely. After the battle, Fireheart tells Bluestar that he strongly suggests Sandpaw and Dustpaw to become warriors. Sandpaw, now called Sandstorm, shows more affection for Fireheart. When Fireheart had a dream about Spottedleaf, he goes to Cinderpelt to talk about it. Cinderpelt mentions that he shouldn't still love Spottedleaf, and hints about Sandstorm's love for him. When she sees that Fireheart is clueless about it, she just says directly, "Everyone in the Clan can see Sandstorm has very strong feelings for you!" Fireheart, shocked, starts to love Sandstorm. When Cloudtail is catnapped by Twolegs, he says that everyone he cares about has been taken from him. Sandstorm becomes offended, and says that apparantly they wern't friends, then. They easily make up, but have another fight. Sandstorm is very mad about it, and ignores Fireheart, now called Firestar. Firestar walks up to Sandstorm and tells her that he loves her. Sandstorm's anger melts away, and she says that she loves him, too. They are mates after that. In Firestar's Quest, Sandstorm has two kits, Leafkit and Squirrelkit.

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